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Professional frame protection kits & fitting

Founded in 2011 invisiFRAME can rightly lay claim to being one of the original custom bike frame protection companies.

Your bike takes more hits than you can imagine from getting it to the trails, stone chips, crashes and brushes with the undergrowth, to cleaning it down and drying it off.

Help keep your frame and forks protected with clear automotive grade film, precision cut for each frame, ensuring maximum coverage.

Using automotive grade film from XPEL means your bike will stay looking fresher for longer, by placing protection where it’s needed most.

The kits offer industry leading protection and a range of benefits including protecting your bike against trail impacts from falls to loose rocks, it’s also non-yellowing, self-healing and stain resistant, ensuring your bike stays looking fresh for longer.  Non-Yellowing invisiFRAME Kits don’t yellow, so unlike cheap heli-tape or partial kits, the bike is the only thing that will catch your eye.