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Professional e-bike Servicing by Bosch & Shimano certified technicians

To get the longest life possible from your eBike regular servicing is a necessity. Aside from the usual service needs we provide firmware updates for power units, diagnostic sessions for fault finding.Bosch battery capcity testing to test the currect performance of your battery. Authorised Shimano and Bosch technicians means we have the full support and resources that these companies provide to dealers, allowing us to help you get your eBike free from Error codes; noisy motors + much more

Warranty Work Carried Out On Shimano and Bosch Systems

No matter where you have bought your bike, as long as you can fulfill the warranty requirements we will work on your behalf to repair or replace your Bosch or Shimano System.

We can also work on your out of warranty motors, Shimano and Bosch have excellent out of warranty schemes that we can tap into should you need them. If your suffereng with a noisy motor we can overhaul them and replace the bearings that are failling or have failed. Contact us for advice and pricing.n